We all deserve the freedom to be our true selves, to be safe in our communities, and treated with dignity.

2SLGBTQIA+ people are our friends, family, neighbours and coworkers. Just like everyone in Canada, queer and trans people deserve the freedom to be ourselves, to be safe in our communities, and treated with dignity. Together, we are lifting up our voices to urge governments and elected officials at every level to take action for Rainbow Equality and address rising hate. 

Right now, hate is on the rise, powered by far-right groups and opportunistic politicians who are scapegoating 2SLGBTQ+ people for political gain. Instead of addressing the housing crisis, fixing our healthcare system or supporting fair wages, they're trying to distract and divide by taking cheap shots at a vulnerable community. Underneath their pretty slogans is an insidious agenda - an effort to restrict our freedoms, control our bodies and sow division. But we reject their agenda - we choose unity, love and a better Canada for all our families instead.

That's why we are speaking up for the free, equal, and socially just future we all deserve - for a Canada where all our families are safe and supported.

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